Dial a Flight | Enjoy a Family Holiday in Dubai

Dial a FlightMany people are now on the hunt for more unusual family holiday destinations; whilst a trip to Disneyland can be lots of fun for children, going to the same destination every year can become a little tiresome. For those at a loss as to where to go on their next family holiday, Dubai could be the perfect choice. Here, we take a look at some of the reasons why Dial a Flight customers adore this destination.

One of the most popular attractions for both parents and children alike is undoubtedly the enormous theme park, Aquaventure. There are dozens of waterslides, including the infamous ‘leap of faith’ slide, which is particularly hair raising. However, there are also plenty of other slides and pools, which suitable for younger children. In addition, there is a wealth of picnic areas, restaurants, souvenir shops and green spaces to explore and enjoy. If you’re visiting the park for the entire day, don’t forget to bring some waterproof sunscreen! Another water-based attraction beloved by all who visit Dubai is Dolphin Bay. This beautiful spot features deep blue lagoons filled with schools of dolphins, whom you can go for a swim with, if you’re feeling brave.

Many Dialaflight clients who visit Dubai for the first time find the heat of the sun to be a little overwhelming. If the temperature of the city gets to be too much, you can always cool off with a trip to Ski Dubai. This is one of the only ski slopes in the entire United Arab Emirates. There are ski instructors on hand, as well as smaller slopes, so even little ones can join in the skiing and snowboarding fun. Even if snow sports don’t interest you, the snow cave, bobsled track and snowball throwing area will keep you and your children amused for hours on end.

For parents who want to indulge in a little retail therapy during their trip, a visit to Dubai Mall is a must. However, children rarely enjoy traipsing around the shops all day, which is why Kidzania, located inside the mall, is so perfect; this colourful wonderland is an ideal spot for when you (and the kids) need a break from shopping. If you’re feeling more adventurous, you can always take children out on a camel ride across the desert. Dialaflight customers have found this to be a great way to explore the natural scenery of Dubai, and escape the hustle and bustle of the city for a day or two.

How to have a great holiday when you’re on a tight budget | Dial a Flight

Most people like to take at least one holiday a year – however, there’s no denying that a trip abroad can cost quite a bit, particularly if you don’t carefully plan your budget for the duration of the holiday. If you want to relax and enjoy some much needed sun and sangria, but don’t want to return home to a dwindling bank balance, keep the following tips in mind.

Dial a Flight customers say that one of the best ways to ensure that you stay on track financially during a holiday is to plan your trip several months in advance. Draw up a budget and carry out some research to find the cheapest deals on flights, accommodation and car hire. In addition to this, decide how much you will spend every day- make sure to Dial a Flight Holidayallocate sufficient cash for things like meals, souvenirs and entrance fees to galleries and other attractions. If you plan ahead, you can also find out which sights are free in the town or city you will be visiting – a quick search on Google should show you several free, or very affordable attractions that you can visit. Having said this, if there are one or two more expensive sights which you are really eager to visit, don’t deprive yourself – the whole point of a holiday is to enjoy yourself.

Another easy way to cut the cost of your holiday is to travel as lightly as possible. If you’re going away for five days or less, you should be able to manage with hand luggage. Bear in mind that, depending on the airline that you travel with, bringing along checked-in luggage can add a hefty amount onto the price of your flight. When it comes to accommodation, you can opt for an inclusive package, like the ones offered by Dial a Flight, or you can book your accommodation separately from your flights. If you do the latter, and you’re watching your pennies, it’s a good idea to book your hotel dates in the low season, when room rates are at their lowest.

One tip which customers of Dialaflight do not recommend is carrying around too much cash, in a bid to avoid excessive ATM charges. If you’re holding a wad of cash and change in your wallet or handbag, you run the risk of becoming the victim of a pick-pocket and losing most of your holiday funds.

Winter Travel Insurance: What You Need to Know

Snow enthusiasts await the winter months with the same bated breath as sun lovers do who set their sights on tropical beach getaways. Although travel insurance is advisable for any holiday, winter holidays usually warrant it further due to the danger of injury while barrelling down snow and tree-covered hills on skis or boards.

Here are some things you should know when it comes to purchasing winter travel insurance.

Determine Specific Activities

Insurance of any type should not be purchased with a lackadaisical attitude because they are rife with fine print that could end up negating your claim. When it comes to winter sports insurance policies, there can be big differences in, for example, basic snowboarding down a rather calm mountain face and doing triple flips off of looming ledges.

Therefore, when shopping for winter sports insurance, be sure that you report which winter sports activities you are going to participate in and be very specific. Check and recheck that your particular sporting activity is covered in any policies offered.


Check for Exclusions and Inclusions

Insurance policies are notorious for having details hid in small print. Therefore, it is essential that you both inquire before you buy the policy and thoroughly check it once received to insure it’s what you agreed on.

You should keep in mind that some winter sports insurance companies will not pay claims if you were injured while not wearing proper equipment. However, other companies will cover equipment that has been lost, damaged, or stolen. You should check on all of these options.

Pre-existing Conditions

You also want to inquire on pre-existing medical condition clauses. Many insurance companies these days will not cover a claim if it is linked to a pre-existing condition. There are a range of such conditions that could be considered. Respiratory problems, heart conditions, and even mental disorders can all be grounds for claim denial under a “pre-existing medical condition” clause.

To ensure claims aren’t denied, be very honest when providing your health condition to an insurance agent. If you have pre-existing health conditions, it may cost more for the coverage, but it will also protect you should you need it.

Coverage Limitations

You also want to carefully look into limitations on coverage. Winter sports insurance can usually be purchased as a one-time policy for a special holiday, or annually if you go on such excursions often.

Regardless of the time period, policies often carry limitations on coverage amounts. Sometimes, emergency services or extended stay periods are not covered under certain policies.

If you’re looking at booking your winter holiday soon then check Dialaflight’s latest deals. Dial a flight offer everything from Holidays to Car Hire to Tours, so be sure to contact them today.

Spend Dial A Flight Holidays in the Algarve, Portugal

If you dread spending the holidays under gloomy skies while trudging around in a wintery slush, you may want to consider booking a Dial A Flight to the Algarve. You won’t find any white snow along Portugal’s southern-most coast, but you will discover plenty of golden sandy beaches and beaming blue skies. You won’t be left out of the Christmas spirit either. There are plenty of activities available to enjoy that will keep your mind on the beauty of the season while your body basks in sunny warmth.

For example, swim in the warm waters of the Atlantic and dig your toes in the sun-baked sand instead of shovelling snow. It’s just as pleasant, if not more so, to recline next to the lapping waves, sip on your favourite cocktail and daydream of a white Christmas. Dial a Flight

Of course, excellent tea times can be had in the Algarve as well, Dialaflight emphasises. Wonderful treats of scones, cakes and other goodies are served along with your tea at such beautiful locations as the Lago Lounge in Quinta do Lago, the Real Marina hotel in Formosa, and Oasis Bar snuggled in the Vila Vita Parc Resort & Spa.

There is also plenty of entertainment offered throughout the Algarve that not only reflects the spirit of the holiday season, but does so with a cultural flare. Shows, exhibitions, concerts and other festive events can be enjoyed that are geared towards adults or families, says Dial A Flight. Children will love watching classic Disney films like Mickey’s Christmas Carol at Loulé’s Art Catto, or visiting the Christmas Land exhibition at the Lagos Zoo.

The beautiful Algarve countryside and gorgeous coastline can be best appreciated by those venturing out via driving, hiking, or biking. Some of the most alluring sites include the Ria Formosa nature park complete with shifting sandbars, remote islands, and hidden lagoons, the fascinating Via Algarviana trail, the historic Roman Algarve, and a fun and exciting Jeep Safari into the depth of the Algarve heartland.

Regardless of whether your “cup of tea” is to take it easy and relax or strike out for exciting adventure, Dialaflight can make your winter holiday trip to the Algarve one to remember!

An Overview of the Best Ski Destinations in Europe from Dial a Flight

When planning to Dial a Flight to Europe, you probably need to consider skiing on your itinerary since the region boasts of many slopes to ski, as well as vast transport network to the various skis. Some of the must visit skiing regions include the Alps, which constitute France, Switzerland, Italy and Austria, as well as the Scandinavia region especially Sweden.

Zermatt, Switzerland

Zermatt is a small village in the Swiss Alps, which hosts approximately 6,000 inhabitants Dialaflight explain. Additionally, it is one of the Europe’s first rated ski resorts and can swell up to 20,000 guests during the winter’s peak. From the time that you step out of your Swiss train, you will immediately catch a glimpse of the horses with sleighs and streets patiently awaiting their rides, which is what makes Zermatt unique. Notably, the town is auto free to prevent excessive air pollution, meaning that you cannot drive into the village, however you an easily get there via the efficient rail transport system. Dialaflight

Chamonix-Mont-Blanc, France

This is an alpine French town which many ambitious snow boarders and skiers flock during the peak winter season. People come from all over the world to have fun on the steep, long, snowy descents on the Mont Blanc Massif, which give the place a totally new atmosphere altogether. According to Dialaflight, this is one of the greatest French heights. The descent boasts of a 9,200-foot vertical drop, which is the reason that avid skiers love it, and also makes a perfect training location for novices. It is also known for its high number of off trail runs that run about 22 kilometers from top to bottom. That creates great fun for those who do not want to take up the higher peaks.

Zell Am See, Austria

On the Austrian Alps, you find a small picturesque town, called Zell Am See that offers more than its fair share of beauty. Zell Am See is a charming medieval town that has developed into a major Austrian ski resort with other outdoor activities apart from winter sports, which are available throughout the year. It means that you can Dialaflight to visit the town at any time of the year and still have fun doing things such as mountain biking, climbing, trekking and glacier skiing. Largely because of its size and it location as a water front town, this is not a regular European mountainside town, but offers its tourists much more than that.

Dialaflight experts share their top three destinations for activity-based holidays

For those that have tired of the typical beach holiday, where shopping and a stroll along the shoreline are the most strenuous activities, Dialaflight have come up with three fun-filled holiday ideas which involve learning a new sport, in an exotic, picturesque setting.

For animal lovers, the Jebel Ali Golf Resort, located in Dubai, is the perfect destination, as the resort is home to an equestrian school. This is the only school in the country that has its own stables (which are air-conditioned) for its ponies and horses, and the school is fully equipped for teaching beginners, as well as those whose horse-riding skills are a bit rusty. The paddock here is 40 by 70 metres, so there’s plenty of space, and the horse riding lessons are carried out under the supervision of qualified riding instructors. Most importantly, Dialaflight says, the horses and ponies kept here are extremely well cared for, so visitors can relax and enjoy themselves, knowing that the animals are as happy as they are.

Dialaflight says that La Source, Grenada is the ideal place for any travellers interested in learning the art of fencing or archery. The setting is idyllic, with lush green gardens, a stunning beach right outside the resort and year round sunshine. This resort encourages its guests to participate in healthy activities, and provides daily classes, with all of the necessary equipment and professional fencing and archery instructors. For those that prefer team sports, there are also volleyball lessons held each afternoon.

There’s nowhere better than the British Virgin Islands to learn how to sail. Most visitors, Dialaflight says, choose to take their lessons at the well known Bitter End Yacht Club, a luxury resort located in a beautiful setting.


This sailing school is accredited by the USA Sailing Association, and according to Dialaflight, there are certified instructors from all over the globe that teach here. Everyone from beginners to advanced sailors can learn more from the experts working at this sailing school, with the help of the course materials and well maintained boats that are provided.

Dial a Flight gives three top tips for sustainable tourism

Dial a flight - tourismTop tips from Dial a Flight

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For travellers who find themselves concerned about supporting sustainable tourism, and who wish to encourage a positive relationship between tourists and locals, Dial a Flight has three simple ways in which they can directly benefit the area in which they are travelling.

Using a local guide is an excellent way to positively impact the town or city in which you’re travelling, by supporting the area’s tourism efforts. Furthermore, Dial a Flight experts point out that a guide from the area will be able to offer you plenty of tips and tricks regarding where to eat, drink and visit, which will make your stay cheaper and more enjoyable.

If you can’t find a local guide online before you set off, make sure to ask in the hostel, hotel or guesthouse you’re staying in, as the owner or manager should be able to arrange this for you. A local guide may not have the knowledge of a formal tourist guide, but Dial a Flight says that they’ll be able to offer great insight into the culture of the town or city.

Another option is to time your visit so that it coincides with cultural ceremonies or annual festivals; not only will this be a unique experience to add to your travelling repertoire, but it will also help to support the local economy in the process. Regardless of whether it’s a regional festival or a local fete, Dial a Flight says that these events are crucial for bringing much-needed revenue into the area, and for preserving local traditions. They promote local art, handicraft and food, and draw in tourists.

Haggling is very much a part of the culture in many countries throughout Asia and South America, and joining in with this can be a fun way to get to know the local market sellers; however it’s important to know where to draw the line. Although paying over the odds for an item can serve to increase prices and encourage overcharging on the part of the sellers, Dial a Flight say that you should accept that as a tourist, you will be expected to pay slightly more than a local would, and really, particularly in poorer countries, this is only fair. Take a good look around the markets so that you have a general idea of what is being charged, and before you haggle, consider how many hours the handcrafted good took to make it, and choose a price which is fair for both you and the seller.

Dial a flight – The sights of Athens

Dial a flight - athensAthens – A guide from Dial a flight

Many people who have been visiting Athens for years say that the city is not as wonderful as it once was; however since Athens hosted the Olympics in 2004, Dial a flight experts say that it has improved tremendously. The city’s infrastructure is excellent, and it is generally cleaner and more modern. A light rail system and new roads have made an enormous difference to transportation options for both locals and tourists, and many of the historical districts have been renovated. Here, Dialaflight discusses the must-see sights of this beautiful city.

Athens is the very definition of a sprawling metropolis, with each of it neighbourhoods spread out across a very wide area. This is a city which takes several days to explore properly. In terms of specific sights, Dial a flight says that you can’t miss out on the incredible Parthenon and Acropolis, two of the most important historical sites in Greece. At the Acropolis’ base you’ll find the beautiful, fascinating ruins of Agoura, the ancient city which existed thousands of years ago. Close to these attractions lies a museum which tells the story behind these impressive structures.

Another must-see sight in Athens, according to Dial a flight, is the National Archaeological Museum; the incredible contents displayed in this museum include antiquities and artwork from hundreds of years ago. You could easily spend a several hours wandering around this fascinating place. Close to the museum is the famous Syntagma Square, which houses the impressive Parliament building. If you’re lucky you might arrive in time to watch the guard changing ceremony.

After you’ve had your fill of ancient Greek history, you can follow the streets to the north of the Acropolis, where you’ll come across plenty of restaurants, boutiques and cafes. This is a great area to grab a quick bite to eat, or do some shopping. As a final tip, Dial a Flight say that Athens is an excellent jumping off point for travelling around the beautiful Greek islands, which can be visited by ferries which pass through Piraeus Port, just a half an hour’s drive from Athens city.

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Dial a Flight – A brief guide to Morocco

Dial a flight morrocoMorocco by Dial a Flight

One of the most popular destinations in Africa is Morocco – and with good reason. From the Atlas Mountains, to Tangier, Casablanca and Marrakesh, this country has a wealth of colourful cities and natural attractions for holiday makers to visit. The riads, medinas, bazaars and mosques all make Morocco the perfect jumping off point for an exploration of Africa. In this piece, Dial a Flight discusses some of the highlights of this incredible country.

Agadir Bay is a stunning crescent shaped coastal area which stretches for more than 9 kilometres. With its calm and clear waters, and the rows of luxury resorts which line its sands, this bay is one of Morocco’s biggest attractions. This is a favourite coastal spot for surfing, jet-skiing and wind-surfing, and is just a short walk away from the southern area of Agadir city.

Dial a Flight experts say that a guide to Morocco wouldn’t be complete without mentioning its most famous city, Marrakech. This colourful, crowded and bustling place is overwhelmingly beautiful. The Djemaa el Fna, a square at the heart of the Old Town is a must see when visiting Marrakech – here you’ll find food stalls brimming over with exotic fruits and vegetables, musicians playing on the street, along with jugglers, snake charmers and mimes, as well as hundreds of market shops, selling colourful silks, handmade crafts and jewellery. Regardless of whether you want to shop or simply wander around, this is a place which you simply can’t miss out on.

For swimming, surfing, sailing and fishing, DialaFlight says that there’s no better place in Morocco than Oualidia Lagoon. The emerald green waters here are fringed by golden sands, and are naturally protecting from the choppy Atlantic waves by a breakwater. This lagoon is also home to a small oyster fishing industry, with many of the residents of the nearby sleepy village coming here every day to farm for these sea creatures. The village itself, as one would expect, has some excellent seafood restaurants as well as several picturesque, traditional Moroccan hotels.

Dial a flight – Guide to Vienna

dial a flight viennaVienna is a city which is brimming over with imperial nostalgia – from the aristocratic mansions and Baroque churches which line the Innere Stadt, to the Habsburg palaces and nineteenth century structures of the Ringstrasses, there’s no doubt that Vienna is a paradisiacal city for those who love history and culture.  Here, Dial a flight discussesthree of Vienna’s must-see historical sites.

The enormous Schonbrunn Palace, and the vast park which surrounds it, is undoubtedly one of the most significant cultural landmarks in all of Austria. During the late nineteenth century, up until the early twentieth, it was used as the Habsburg rulers’ summer residence. Franz Joseph, the emperor, was born in the palace in 1830, and spent much of his twilight years here. In the year 1918, ownership of the palace was transferred to the new republic. Because of its rather fascinating history, and the sheer beauty of the building and gardens, Dial a flight say that this is one of the most popular sights in Vienna.

One of the oldest zoos in the world is the Schonbrunn zoo in Vienna. This baroque building is located to the southeast of the palace, and was constructed in the late 18th century. This zoo is unique, in that the government has set very specific requirements regarding how to maintain the baroque heritage of the structure itself, whilst at the same time caring for the animals who reside there. The historical buildings peppering the zoo have been restored by restoration experts, under the careful supervision of the Viennese conservation authorities. This is one attraction which both wildlife enthusiasts and history buffs alike will enjoy.

The famous building known as the Hofburg was once a medieval castle; however today only the chapel of the castle remains. Over the course of the last two centuries, the Hofburg was rebuilt and extended to include a stunning residence for the country’s royalty. Here Dial a Flight say that you’ll find a fascinating blend of architectural styles, from art nouveau to gothic style. Today, this vast complex is home to the Museum of Ethnography, the Collection of Musical Instruments, the Imperial Treasury and the National Library.